Where do crystals come from?

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Where do crystals come from? This question has been asked many times but never answered thoroughly. So, where do the come from?

Crystals have a few different origins but by far the most common is facilitated in an igneous environment which can be described by Bowen's Reaction Series. In the early 1900's N.L. Bowen organized an experiment using Hawaiian Basalt to try and determine the environment in which minerals form. Bowen discovered by melting the basalt and observing it cool over time in a controlled environment that certain minerals crystallized at certain temperatures. Magma is a molten mixture of elements and rock fragments that is located under the Earth's crust in the mantle. As the magma rises the molten elements begin to link together in unique geometrical forms to create minerals like Quartz and Feldspar, the two most common minerals on earth surface. As the magma plume rises all the elements link together to form molecules and these molecules link together to form minerals.

crystal opal gemstone

Opal (Sio2+HoH)


So there you have it! Most minerals are formed from the cooling of magma, given that there are enough suitable components in the magma chamber to form them and that they reach the perfect unique crystallization temperature and pressure. Want to add a new mineral to your collection? Click HERE